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Send feedback Location Data One страница the unique features of mobile applications is location awareness. Уровень apk users bring their devices with them everywhere, and adding location awareness to your app offers users a more contextual experience. See the tutorial on showing current place details on a map. Kotlin MyLocationDemoActivity : Using the My Location layerincluding runtime permissions CurrentPlaceDetailsOnMap : Finding the current location of an Android device and displaying details of the place business or other point of interest at that location.

Working with location data The location data available to an Android device includes the current location of the уровень apk — pinpointed using a combination of technologies — the direction and method of movement, and whether the device has moved across a predefined geographical boundary, or geofence. It does not provide data. The LocationSource interface allows you to provide a custom location provider.

The уровень apk you choose determines айтой prime apk разделяю accuracy of the location returned by the API. You only need to request one of the Android уровень apk permissions, depending on the level of accuracy you need: android. The API returns the location with an accuracy approximately equivalent to a city block. If your app targets API level 23 or later, you can use the new permissions model. If your app supports the new permissions model and the device is running Android 6.

The app must check to see if it has уровень apk necessary permission at runtime, and request the permission if it does not have it. The system displays a dialog to the user asking for the уровень apk. If location is essential to the functioning of your app, then you should request the location permission at app startup. A good way to do this is with a warm welcome screen or wizard that educates users about why the permission is required. If the app requires the permission for only part of its functionality, then you should request the location permission at the time when the уровень apk performs the action больше информации requires the permission.

The app must gracefully handle the case уровень apk the user does not grant permission. For example, if the permission is needed for a https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/whatsapp-web-apk-4pda.php feature, the app can disable that feature. If the permission is essential for the app to function, the app can disable all its гта 5 полная версия apk and inform the user that they need to grant the permission. The following code vmp apk checks for permission using the Support library before enabling the My Location layer.

It then handles the result of the permission request уровень apk implementing the ActivityCompat.

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