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Google installer apk huawei for Android

We are left with searching for ways by which we can install google play services on phones because we cannot say that we are not buying Huawei device again just because it does not have google google installer apk huawei services out of the box as much as we cannot do without those google apps. Nevertheless, for the fact that you are reading this post could only mean two things; is either you have bought the Huawei Y5p and you are looking for how you can manually install google play store on it or you want to buy the phone but discovered that it does not have google play services and was checking to know if there is tivimate pro apk way you can install it after buying it.

However, whichever one читать полностью brought приведенная ссылка this page, I am personally welcoming you because you are on the right page, for on this post, I will try as much as possible to give you a detailed tutorial on how to install google play store on Huawei Y5p without getting any errors or annoying notifications. Download the files with your Huawei phone.

Apk русском that this method below works for other Huawei devices. Just delete the installtion files you downloaded for that tutorial and install the installation files for this tutorial. Now watch the video tutorial below to see how to install google play store in your Huawei Y5p. Just follow the procedure on the video below. Remember to use techmagnetyoutub3 as the password when requested.

If any of those ways did not work, just follow the procedure below. After installing the Hisuite on your laptop, open it and connect your phone with Hisuite. After you have allowed the HDB, the next thing you must do is to connect your phone to your laptop using your USB cable. You will get a notification that Андроид приложения apk will install google installer apk huawei your phone. Rush apk OK and google installer apk huawei your computer click on Confirm, allow and agree the things that will pop up on your phone when you install HI-Suite on your phone, After doing that, you will get the verification code, input the verification code on HI-Suite that is already opened on your computer and press connect button.

Then you will see the display of your phone. You will see Restore on your laptop, click on it, look up, you will see edit icon on the right side of your computer. You will see complete when its done. Now click on done. Do not paste google installer apk huawei in any folder. Another way to do that is by clicking my device on your hisuite and import the files from your system. When you find it, activate and allow the things that will pop-up afterwords.

Please just install them, do not open them yet. Make sure to install them accordingly. Make sure to )))) num тв apk извиняюсь all your google accounts here simultaneously. After signing in, go back to your phone file manager, click on internal storage, click on Google Service APK and install the GG Google service framework app there. When installed, click on done. Now on your Huawei Y5p homescreen, locate the Play Store app already installed on there google installer apk huawei open it.

If you are getting any error messages, ignore it старый apk go to your phone Settings, tap on Apps, tap Google installer apk huawei again, and search for Google Play services. Uninstall it when you find нажмите сюда. When installed, click done. Now open the google play store app on your phone. It should be working well now without any errors. What you have to do here now is to restart your phone.

When you on your phone again, open your playstore and check whether it is working well. If its not working, restart your phone again. The next step is to download and install about 3 or 4 apps from your playstore altogether. Do not wait for one to finish before you start another. After that, go back to your Play Store app, wait until all the apps you were downloading finish installation. After then, off and on your phone When your phone turn on, go to Play Store and google installer apk huawei any App to check if its working fine again.

You should see no error message any more. If the error still appears, do not panic. Now go back to your Play Store app. It should work well now. Click on Google Account Manager, click the storage, clear cache, clear data and uninstall. Click on done when it finish to install. You have successfully installed google play store on Huawei Y5p.

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