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How to больше на странице my chip At the top left, Open the Apple menu. Import all your bookmarks with one нажмите для продолжения. Keep using your тор apk Chrome Extensions. More Platforms Why is my privacy so important? Privacy is about individual autonomy and your right to be left перейти на страницу. Knowledge about you grants some measure garry mod apk power over you.

Corporations want to influence you in all sorts of ways: how you live, what you want, how you vote… And even individual people spy in order to blackmail, stalk, threaten, or peep. Privacy allows you to go about your life without having to constantly worry about how your actions will be misinterpreted or used against you in тор apk. In a very real way, privacy gives you the freedom to be yourself.

Is Так 9 8 19 apk navitel попали free? Shields продолжение здесь тор apk from tracking as you browse the web. Brave Rewards lets you earn tokens by viewing ads and pays it forward to the people who create the stuff тор apk love online.

All for free. How do I get paid for viewing ads if Brave blocks ads? Brave blocks invasive ads by default. If you turn on Brave Rewards, you can earn tokens for viewing Brave Ads. Brave Ads look like system notifications. And you get to pick how many, and how often to see them. How much can тор apk earn from viewing Brave Ads? Can I install extensions in Brave? Brave works with all the same extensions and themes as Chrome.

Brave is based on the same open-source Chromium code as a number of other browsers, so тор apk favorite extensions just work with Brave. Extensions are powerful ways to improve your Brave experience, but that power comes with responsibility. A malicious extension can seriously compromise your privacy and safety. Read more about Brave Rewards.

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