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Edit Page Page History Overview An ActionBar is located at the top menu button apk an activity and it can display any number of status or navigation related elements such as title, icon, buttons, or arbitrary action-related views. This is typically used for displaying the title of the application and providing a primary navigation for the app.

The ActionBar can contain primary action buttons as well нажмите сюда a drawer toggle icon for displaying menu button apk navigation drawer. Note that we will be using the AndroidX library and AppCompatActivity for these examples since the library provides maximum compatibility with pre The Menu button apk and usage are the same with the standard ActionBar just with small changes to the imported classes and class names.

If you are not currently using the AndroidX library, check out this migration guide. Usage In the Defining ActionBar cliffnotes we looked at the basics of adding items to the ActionBar посмотреть больше handling clicks. This results in the following: See the actionbar styling demo code for a working example. Check out this styling the ActionBar section for more details. Custom ActionBar Layout In certain cases, you might want to change the styling of the ActionBar title menu button apk significantly.

For example, you may want to tweak the icon, change the size of the title, tweak the color, or center the text. In order to achieve this, you can replace the default title with your own custom XML view. This custom view will then share space with the action buttons, which нажмите чтобы перейти are placed to the right side of the Action Bar.

Adding ActionView Items If you want to provide a menu item beyond simply icon or text, such as providing a more interactive widget, an Посмотреть еще View enables you to do so. The most common Action View is menu button apk SearchView, which collapses to show menu button apk the search icon and expands to show an EditText when the user has clicked an icon.

You can also use an Action View to create a custom layout too. BLACK ; et. For more advanced searching functionality, check out the Creating a Search Interface guide. Refer to this tutorial for a guide on how to add autocomplete to plague inc apk searchview in the actionbar.

Using ActionProvider and ShareActionProvider Similar to an action view, an action provider replaces an action button with a customized layout. You can build your own action provider by extending the ActionProvider class, but Android provides some pre-built action providers such as ShareActionProvider which facilitates a "share" action by showing a list of possible apps for sharing. You что play маркет apk извиняюсь learn about this provider in the Sharing Читать далее with Intents guide.

You can also see the ActionProvider section of the ActionBar guide for more details. This is not based on the по ссылке history but rather on the relationship between screens. For example, in a mail client "Back" might take the user to a previous email but "Up" would always take the user to the list of mail in the inbox. Compile-time Configuration To specify the "up" activity at compile-time we can set the logical parent of an activity in the AndroidManifest.

If you want to navigate up from current activity to its parent, but want that parent activity to preserve its state, then also specify the launch mode for the parent activity in AndroidManifest. The menu button apk parent activity instance will be re-used, receiving the intent through onNewIntent. Keep in mind that any action bar items added by the fragment will be appended to any existing action bar items. This includes action bar items added by the containing посмотреть еще. You can use the orderInCategory property привожу ссылку your action bar items to control the ordering yourself.

This is helpful when you want to display menu button apk top and bottom row of где ai apk Давай for a context. Material ссылка на продолжение the AndroidX actionbar backport.

If you wish to use either Theme. Material or AndroidX, you will need to create your own "split action bar", by having a Toolbar at the bottom of the screen that you populate separately. See the sample code for a split toolbar here. StyleGenerator - Use this nifty web tool to generate an ActionBar theme easily.

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