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Pigasus has an awesome cinematic feel to it, and while not quite at the level of some of our other virtual reality cinema apps today, is skybox gearvr торрент apk fairly decent choice for those of you who want to replicate the feel of a night skybox gearvr торрент apk that includes a quick trip to the cinema. Moon Player is incredibly elegant, and has a to-die-for User Interface. Like with Pigasus, it poweramp apk you to stream video too.

The concept is much cooler than that, and for the PC users нажмите для продолжения there — источник this off on нажмите чтобы узнать больше Christmas wish list right now. What BigScreen really is, is an immersive, social computing experience, allowing you to take control of your computer from the comfort of your Samsung GearVR. This includes everything that might statement indicates — gaming, office-work, 3D modelling, Photoshop — heck, even Facebooking. The massive potential here, might have something to do with why they have received a whopping 3 million dollars in funding.

Netflix VR Before we reveal the big finish we have to direct your eyes to the awesome work done at the developer team over at Netflix. The Netflix app merges together the wonders of hundreds of the best Hollywood titles, with a gorgeous environment in втб apk you can view your content. GearVR Cinema Apps. The app provides you with plenty of interesting ways to navigate in and out of skybox gearvr торрент apk cinema. It comes out-of-the-box with a few interesting locations for you to digest your big screen moments. Skybox Okay guys — it had to get mentioned. Skybox is by far the most packed-to-the-brim cinematic app for the GearVR at thi stage.

The generous team over at Skybox Studio derserve a cup of coffee on the house for this one.

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