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Izzy Izzy 3, gold badges silver badges bronze badges Thank you источник the answer, hisuite daemon apk explained some. Is there hisuite daemon apk way to root the mobile without bricking it I have read that this is huge risk when doing so? Took me a while to здесь that as well, but I found it was worth it. Always depends on what you really need, of course. For a less complete but still quite broad продолжение здесь app hisuite daemon apk without root, you might look at MyBackup.

And the other half sync the backup to your PC works without root as well -- so this might bring you close to your goal. First I installed wine. When that is done, just open the HiSuite daemon on нажмите чтобы узнать больше phone and choose connect with wiFi. Enter the code on HiSuite on the PC, and voila. Now the phone is connected to ubuntu : You can backup the phone, import contacts and calendar if you have installed MS outlookmanage the installed apps, install new apps you have to download the apk files to your computer, this cannot be done in this software.

You can edit, delete and create new contacts. And you can import the pictures taken. It took a lot of hard work before I found hisuite daemon apk how to do this. And this article helped out : Hope this can be of use to others. I looked at a forum that this can work on other android phones as well. You just have to have the HiSuite daemon installed on the phone.

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