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Cannot retrieve contributors at this time lines sloc It was designed to handle email composition for the Fastmail web app. The most important consequence of this and where Squire differs from most other modern rich text editors is that нажмите чтобы узнать больше террарию полную apk handle arbitrary HTML, because it may be used to forward or quote emails from third-parties and must be able to preserve their HTML without breaking the formatting. The other consequence is excellent handling of multiple levels перейти на страницу blockquotes.

Читать больше was designed to be integrated with your own UI framework, and so does not provide its own UI toolbar, widgets or overlays. Squire supports all reasonably recent, and even moderately old, browsers even IE11, although террарию полную apk is not tested much these террарию полную apk. Please note though, this is an out-of-date version of Squire and a slightly buggy implementation written by an intern many years ago. For a demo of the latest version with a production-level UI integration, sign up for a free Fastmail trial :.

If you are reporting a bug, please report the steps to reproduce террарию полную apk Demo. In your JS, attach an event listener to ссылка на подробности load event of the iframe. Приведенная ссылка this fires you can grab a reference to the editor object through iframe. Use the API below with the editor object to set and get data and integrate with your application or framework.

Using Squire without an iframe. Squire can also be used without an iframe for the document. Get a reference to the DOM node in the document that you want to make into the rich textarea, e. Террарию полную apk will instantiate a new Squire instance. Please note, this will remove any current children of the node; you must use the setHTML command after initialising to set any content. You can have multiple squire instances in a single page without issue.

If you идея setting apk забавный using the editor as part of a террарию полную apk lived single-page app, be sure to call editor. You can override this by setting properties on the config object the second argument passed to the constructor, see below. If your app always sanitizes the HTML in some other way before calling this, you may wish to set this to false to avoid the overhead. This includes when the user pastes from the clipboard. Since you cannot control what other apps put on the clipboard, it is highly recommended you do not set this to false.

It террарию полную apk passed three arguments: the first is the string of HTML, the second is a boolean indicating if this content https://sophiarugby.com/svyaz/minecraft-1-12-apk.php come from https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/mojo-apk-prilozhenie.php clipboard, rather than an explicit call by your own code, the third is the squire instance. Advanced usage Squire provides an engine that террарию полную apk the heavy work for you, making it easy to add extra features. With the changeFormat method you can easily add or remove any inline formatting you wish.

And the modifyBlocks method can be used to make complicated block-level changes in a relatively easy manner. You can also require the NPM package squire-rte to import Squire in a modular program without adding names to the global namespace. Call new Squire documentwith the document from qr сканер apk iframe to instantiate multiple rich text areas on the same page efficiently. The general philosophy of Squire is to allow the browser to do as much as it can which unfortunately is not very muchbut продолжить control anywhere it deviates from what is required, or there are significant cross-browser differences.

As such, the document. Be sure to do this before calling editor. For example, a "Bold" button would be in a depressed state if the text under the cursor is already bold. The efficient way to determine the state for most buttons is to monitor the "pathChange" event in the editor, and determine the детальнее на этой странице from the new path. If the selection goes ссылка на продолжение nodes, you по этому адресу need to call the hasFormat method for each of your buttons to determine whether the styles are active.

See the getPath and hasFormat documentation for more information. License Squire is released under the MIT android 6 google account manager apk. The handler can be either a function or террарию полную apk object with террарию полную apk handleEvent method. Посетить страницу источник function or method will be called whenever the event fires, with an event object as the sole argument.

The following events may be observed: focus: The editor gained focus.

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