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Smart audiobook player apk for Android

Pranob Mehrotra 22 Apr I use my phone to listen to audiobooks pretty much every night, right before I go to bed. So I recently tried switching to my Windows laptop. So I decided to look for the best audiobook players for Windows. Well, MusicBee is different. Unlike other music players, MusicBee has продолжение здесь handy features for audiobooks. It can resume playback адрес comes with support for bookmarks, two things that are of utmost importance.

To do ссылка на страницу, just right-click on the audiobook album or file, navigate to the Send to option and select Audiobooks. Download Читать полностью from the Microsoft Store 2. Not only does allow you to resume playback and add bookmarks, it even allows you to add comments and tags to your bookmarks. The app even packs some great features for students and professionals. It allows you to take notes as you listen to a book. Нажмите сюда, if you want to practice typing, WorkAudioBook has you covered.

Just select the Writing Practice option and type away. You can save and edit all the notes you take. Thanks to the granular читать статью, you can navigate the audiobook phrase by phrase to add quotes without having to pause playback every time. Download WorkAudioBook 3. The app definitely has a more user-friendly interface and a great selection apk приложение humans features to get the job done.

With Audiobook Player, you can resume playback from where you left your book, add bookmarks to books, set a sleep timer, and increase or decrease playback speed. And even though smart audiobook player apk app нажмите для продолжения had some paid features, all of it is now available for free. The app also allows you to skip to a specific time in the book, which can come in handy if you switch from another player and want to resume from the same section.

Download Audiobook Player from the Microsoft Store 4. Audiobooked Audiobooked is another great, easy-to-use audiobook player for Windows that also offers smart audiobook player apk modern interface, coupled with some handy features. On of having a resume playback feature, Audiobooked allows you to customize rewind duration when источник статьи resume playback. That is particularly helpful for people like me who forget where exactly they left off in the book.

You can also add bookmarks and set sleep timers if you also like to go to bed listening to an audiobook. While the app is free to use, it also offers some in-app purchases that unlock additional features like playback speed adjustment, unlimited bookmarks, sync to OneDrive and more. Download Audiobooked from the Microsoft Store smart audiobook player apk. BookListener Rounding things off is BookListener, a very bare-bones audiobook player with some essential features. Its interface is quite minimal, and you can easily add your library, press play and start listening.

No tinkering required. No bookmarks, no playback controls, etc.

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