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About WhatsApp APK WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used communication apps by people from all around the world as it is a root apk mobile messaging app. It has a native support for a variety of communication channels i. That is not all. You can even send and receive multimedia files like documents, photos, and videos directly читать далее your contacts, without any limitations. You can also create personalized groups to keep in touch with a group of people like family members or work fellows and keep all of them updated within a matter of seconds.

You can add up ссылка на продолжение people in a single group. По ссылке for free. As far as UI is concerned, it is really simple and straightforward. All of your recent ватсап apk are displayed on the first page, displaying the most recent on the top жмите the least recent on the bottom.

There is also a search bar on the top right corner of the screen as well as a settings button. Through these options, you can make a new group, open a new broadcast, see all of your starred messages or go into the settings menu. There is also an option called Whatsapp Web. Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше can access this easily. Now, coming back to the phones UI, if you swipe right from that recent page, the camera is going to open up to take pictures right from the app. By swiping up on ватсап apk screen, all of the pictures in your gallery are going to show up for you to select the picture and send it to someone.

You can also record a video from there if you want by pressing and holding the shutter button. After you take a picture or a video, a green tick is going to show up on the bottom right corner of the screen and depending on the video or picture it ватсап apk going to give you options to write something on the ватсап apk or video, put an emoji or even trim the video if you want. Just go to your chat, and right beside the camera icon, there is ватсап apk attachments button. Tap on that button and select documents. After that go into your gallery and select the photo you want to send.

Please keep in mind that this might take more time to send ватсап apk on your internet as it is a much bigger file. Your saved contacts can only see these photos or videos and they disappear in 24 hours of uploading. There is also an option to clear the call logs on читать top right corner of the screen if you want to clear all of your call logs.

To change your display picture and your status, first tap on your name on top of this page. There is going to be a circle, and under that circle, there will be a camera, tap on that and it will ask ватсап apk if you want to take your display picture right now, choose your display picture from your gallery or remove the recent display ватсап apk. Right under that, there is an option to change your status as well.

There is also kinemaster apk account settings under the status settings. Продолжение здесь you go into the account settings, you can change your privacy settings like who can see your info that includes last ватсап apk, profile photo, about, status as well as live location.

Under the privacy option, there is security which lets you know that all of your chats and calls are end to end encrypted, meaning that no one больше на странице be able to see them other than you. Not even Whatsapp itself. After that, there is Two-step authentication which if you enable, it нажмите чтобы перейти going to make it safer ватсап apk more secure when you change your phone and will require you to enter a pin code if you want to transfer your Whatsapp data to another phone. Below that, there is change number which is pretty self-explanatory.

And right under that, there is delete my account option which is going to delete your account. Under this option, you can change your apps language to your liking and also set a wallpaper on your chats background. You can choose from the given backgrounds as well as choose pictures from your gallery. You продолжение здесь also set up, when the app should backup your chats and also tell it if you want to back up your photos or videos as well.

After that, comes the notification settings. You can also set different ringtones for group ватсап apk as well. And it also allows you to ватсап apk a specific https://sophiarugby.com/instrumenti/koreyski-pubg-android-apk.php tone for a specific person or chat. And at the end, you can also set different ringtones for Whatsapp calls. Under this tab, Whatsapp allows you to set a limit to network usage as well as turn on or off auto media download depending on your internet and also gives an option for low ватсап apk usage call, ватсап apk restricts the use of the internet for calls.

Overall Whatsapp messenger is перейти на источник great communication tool that helps you talk to your friends and family for free. Yes, all you really need to have to be able to use WhatsApp is an active Internet connectivity. And there are absolutely no subscription ватсап apk avail all of those facilities. Simply record a voice message with just a tap, Share Photos and Videos — Quickly share videos and photos with your contacts to keep them updated with the latest happenings, Document Sharing — Адрес any word documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and PDF files from within the app supports file sharing up to MB in sizeGroup Chatting — And you can do читать далее of the above within a group too.

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