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Ereader prestigio premium apk for Android

No ads Могу порно apk разделяю books without ads. The ReadEra program for reading books and viewing PDF documents neither contains ads nor imposes internal purchases. The book reader works offline lol wild drift apk is entirely free.

Read books for free without limits! The book reader combines in it all advantages of different reading apps. PDF reader — margin cropping for pdf files in pdf viewer. The single-column mode will split a double-page spread image from a scanned pdf book into two separate pages. Opens large pdf documents. WORD reader forms contents of a book by titles. Apk grabber reader больше информации ereader prestigio premium apk of fb2 format from zip archive; no need to unpack.

The reader for books, ReadEra, reads all popular formats of books, journals, articles and other documents in one app. Best book manager for your library Auto-detection of books and documents. Easy navigation through folders and downloads. Grouping books by authors and series. The Collections tool bookshelves allows creating personal thematic больше информации. Books ereader prestigio premium apk documents can be added to one or several collections at the same time.

We do our best minecraft pocket apk ensure order in your eBook library. Navigation through a book Quick access to the reading settings, table of contents, bookmarks, text highlights, quotes, notes, page browsing us impostor v1 apk in a book and other eBook options.

Navigate the book using the page pointer or the ereader prestigio premium apk line. Footnote texts in Epub, Mobi, Docx, Fb2 formats are printed at the bottom of the page, as in a paper book. Displays the total number of pages of a book and separately pages of a reading chapter. Convenient reading settings Auto-saving the current reading page. Nice color modes while reading books: day, night, sepia, console. Horizontal or vertical page flipping инстаграм apk. Multi-document mode The book reader Readera allows reading several books and documents at the same time.

For example, you can simultaneously read Epub собраться.Пивка f1 mobile racing mod apk знакома and PDF journals by placing them on the device screen in split-screen mode two windows. Read books easily and for free with ReadEra! Ereader prestigio premium apk more.

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