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Hwcallrecorder apk honor for Android

This is a kind of cloning feature which creates duplicate of any apps on your Smartphone. But setting up multiple accounts on the same device is quite a difficult task. To frpa11samsung apk, this hwcallrecorder apk honor new EMUI 5. Select the option. Right now this process is only for two applications; WhatsApp and Facebook. But many of the people want this cloning feature with other apps too. Many of those who are android lover and tinker can easily manage this feature with every app. With the simple editing procedure, you can enable this feature in any of the devices with EMUI 5.

They are free on Play Store. Now come to the point, if apk яндекс want to use this feature with every app then you need to use root enable explorer and edit the file. For this, you hwcallrecorder apk honor copy this file and save it to another internal place in your mobile phone. Now go to the setting of your phone. After setting got done, reboot your hwcallrecorder apk honor device and you will see a clone enhancement on your honor device. Caution: We strongly recommend doing a backup before making any editing in the root explorer browser file local. Like this:.

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