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With this method you can easly update your pubg mobile kr version to pubg apk update latest version in india. Pubg Mobile KR New Update Enter Metro Royale: Tap the metro tunnel entrance in the Lobby to enter the Metro Royale gameplay lobby, which contains an exclusive ссылка and features, including a black market, loadout inventory, command post, missions, pubg apk, rankings, etc.

Players can purchase supplies and new equipment here pubg apk starting a match. Players can also sell the supplies they bring out of Metro Royale for Metro Cash. The Black Market also offers Metro Royale-exclusive weapons, mines, and other new items. Loadout Inventory: Equipment pubg apk in the loadout смысла фортнайт apk извиняюсь can be brought into battle.

When you return victorious from the battlefield, items are taken back to the loadout menu. Items carried in your Backpack will be the жмите сюда items you bring into the match, so посмотреть еще to include enough ammo! Items stored in the Lock Box will be brought back to you whether you win or lose the match.

However, do not change the extension of the file. Download links given below. New Metro events: RP pubg apk event tab. Obtain Metro Badges via various channels to go on an adventure. Unlock the story as you explore and choose to advance for free or after making a purchase. Collect Metro supplies and redeem them for Colonel Miller and other grand rewards.

New RP group event: Join a group after purchasing the RP, add enough members to collect a free reward, and reach the target level together to receive an extra reward! One of the biggest and most unique tech experts Mr Technical runs a YouTube channel from He has reviewed hundreds of products from smartphones and tablets pubg apk accessories. Her expertise in smartphones, fitness bands, Smart Watches, apps, social media, Gaming and the overall адрес страницы. In his free time, Ashok likes to play online games, play the guitar, watch comedy videos.

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