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Includes a bonus of gems and a full game guide that will help you discover all the secrets of the Pyramid. Inthe prestigious Prof. Baboo teaches Archeology at the university. Although he is actually pretty clueless, Redream apk always wants to impress his favorite student, Dorothy, for whom he feels "something puzzle english premium apk. Dorothy is a nerdy student; even though she is not very attractive, she is sharp and determined.

Both will live an incredible adventure inside читать полностью Pyramid of Khafre. After getting lost in a university trip, they end up in the most dismal chamber of the pyramid. After desecrating it, they fall under the curse of Anubis, being hopelessly trapped.

Together they must find a way to break the curse, and face the fearsome Mummy that inhabits the pyramid, as well as other dangers and mysteries. Baboo and the Chamber of Chaos is a game that blends action and adventure with the spirit of the classics. Unravel the mysteries of the secret chambers, including the Нажмите чтобы перейти of Chaos, the most enigmatic of all. Luckily, there are clues hidden in the notes and maps that the eminent archeologist J.

But the adventure has just begun, and, in the end, the больше на странице amazing and best kept puzzle english premium apk secret will be revealed. Finish the greatest adventure of your life! Read more.

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