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How to step by step activate all brands of machines for Launch x EasyDiag: Incl. Download the archive archive1 In the archive there are 2 folders, x431 pro apk installation file and a PDF file an instruction ссылка на продолжение Russian how to use, how to register, etc.

And keep the original, just in case, for apk файл google play experimentation. Set to Play Market EasyDiag program only her and not some other on a smartphone or tablet. Copy it to any folder on the phone, I usually use the Download folder. And then click on the file com-cnlaunch-easydiag. After installation, do not forget to remove the check mark. Open the program there is another link, then you can delete it. Scrolls there shows how to register and go in the program. By registering yourself username and password write down in a safe place and register the scanner — the serial number and the code you received with your scanner.

Login, password, and serial number and the code, I would be duplicated on any piece of reliable, in the event of loss of the original. We need the EOBD. There is a x431 pro apk V MUST only her and not any other. And click on the button siniyu — set EOBD version After installing EasyDiag exit the program. Connect your phone to your computer. We go to the phone and see x431 pro apk new folder cnlaunch. We go into it. And so with all brands. When copying, it prompts you to replace some files, or rather two, agree. Turning off the phone from the computer. In no case do not run the program. Go по этому сообщению the phone — in settings-manager application-EasyDiag.

In memory of clean data and cache my 6th andoroid, you might have a different location. It is only after you have cleaned the data and shut down the program, you can go into it. Again, scroll through and ASO, machinery steels without arrows down, ie, they are activated. Enter again your login and password. See the information — should be written at the bottom of your scanner is activated serial x431 pro apk. And the last manipulation как через are back on the menu, find the Settings button, then перейти на страницу Settings for the App and hold your finger on — Show only models to strip turns red.

Now x431 pro apk will improve our program. We throw it in the Download folder. In general, we do the same as written in paragraph 3a. Exit and источник статьи the phone from the computer. Now you have the version PRO. It has more functions than just EasyDiag. We go into it and immediately exit. The program creates the necessary files and folders. DAT and insert it into each model. While you can activate all play market тв apk these models. How to activate it x431 pro apk written in paragraphs of apk россия old method, will not be worse.

The only condition — that would пост, minecraft apk удалено EasyDiag program, there you put the old version of machines Arhive1. But, I repeat, we do not need this program, we need PRO version. Actually, this can put a point. So say the test this method. But they say it can not work.

Therefore, I did at another 2 points, not even checking — working or not. If all of a sudden does not work, do the following. DAT and paste them into привожу ссылку cars, which does not work. For example, to insert in the Mercedes V Go to your mobile прощения, apk 2 hd Internet — in settings-manager application-EasyDiag. In memory of clean data and cache. I checked in 3 machines — all works!!! Related posts:.

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