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No Google Play Store is a killer 7. But last year, things got complicated. Suddenly, its parent company как сообщается здесь itself unable to license US-made tech, including Google Mobile Services GMSthus preventing it from selling phones with the Play Store pre-installed. Enter the Honor 9X Pro. The Kirin is hwcallrecorder apk honor 9x comparable with the Snapdragonin terms of benchmarks and specs. It uses a 7nm process, giving the phone a significant boost in terms of CPU and battery performance. It accomplishes this by making automatic adjustments based on the overall conditions, as well as the subject being photographed.

The device available in узнать больше здесь West comes with GB storage, which is quite generous. The switch from the Kirin to the Kirin allows for a maximum total of 8GB RAM, and вот ссылка extra two gigabytes would have made it easier to distinguish between this effort and its predecessor. Snapping Happy One theme that is common across devices from both Honor больше на странице Huawei is the focus on photography.

Perhaps the best example of this focus hd videobox pro apk пк the Honor View20, released early last year, which was one of the first devices to pack a 48MP rear primary sensor and a hole-punch selfie camera. The biggest torque apk between the View20 and hwcallrecorder apk honor 9x Honor 9X Pro is arguably how these devices are positioned.

The latter was a flagship, while the former is an incremental upgrade on a pocket-friendly midrange phone. Despite that, the 9X Pro has a few tricks up its sleeve. It includes жмите motorized pop-up selfie camera, which нажмите для продолжения a 16MP shooter. In my experience, it produced realistic images, with decent bokeh and hwcallrecorder apk honor 9x fidelity.

Vnrom apk my inner Austin Powers, I asked him hwcallrecorder apk honor 9x growl for me. Skin deep The Honor 9X Pro has a lovely glass back, unlike the bog-standard 9X, which uses a cheaper polymer material. Next to that is a USB-C jack and a 3. And with судите brawl apk разделяю in-screen selfie camera and tiny bezels, it takes up most of the screen.

Oh App-eo, where art thou app-eo? To download software, users get the Huawei AppGallery, which is a barren, lonely experience compared to the abundance of the Google Play Store. Essentials, like most banking apps, as well as Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp are nowhere to be seen. It also claims to have 3, software engineers working on the platform, and is desperately trying to incentivize developers to come on board.

So far, those efforts are starting to bear fruit. Final thoughts Подробнее на этой странице Honor 9X Pro is a relatively minor upgrade to its predecessor, which was an already-decent phone. Performance is solid and the camera is one of the best hwcallrecorder apk honor 9x its price point.

Ultimately, the worth of this phone will fluctuate depending on how effective Huawei is at getting more developers to sign on to the AppGallery. Which puts me, as a journalist trying to evaluate this device, in an awkward place. But if you want to wait it out, there are no shortage of worthy rivals from the like of Nokia, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Realme.

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