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Harysh Menon, Https://, January 13, Approvals in Microsoft Teams allows microsoft teams apk to microsoft teams apk and easily create, manage and share approvals directly from your hub for teamwork. The new Approvals app is currently rolling out and will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

Create an approval in Teams You can access the approvals app from any chat or channel conversation or using the dedicated app entry point in the Teams left navigation bar. You can even add attachments or читать больше responses to tailor the request to your business needs. These basic approvals created from Microsoft Teams do not require an underlying flow and act as a way to quickly manually send approvals to users within Teams.

Approve or reject a request Once submitted the approvers are notified within Teams and can act on approval either from the directly using the Approvals card or from within the Personal app. They can quickly review the details of the approval gens apk within Teams before microsoft teams apk a decision to approve or reject the approval.

Manage your approvals You view all your approvals in one place within the Approvals app in Teams. From here you can get an overview of key details such as the status, requestor and approvals. You can among us 1 2 apk drill into any approval to track its progress.

Any approval you create using Power Automate will microsoft teams apk available in this view, not just approvals created within Teams. This way you have a single place in Teams to manage approvals whether they were generated using a flow or manually using the Teams app. Customizing approval processes Нажмите для продолжения can always create and нажмите чтобы прочитать больше your own approvals processes by linking it to an automated or scheduled trigger or even customize the steps taken before and after your approval by creating your microsoft teams apk flow.

We have numerous templates for you to get started from that work with the over connectors on our platform. Any approval created with a flow will also be available in the Approvals app in Microsoft Teams for you to view or act upon. Check out these additional resources make the most out of Approvals in Microsoft Teams.

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