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Javad is a mobile developer. He joined Blacklane in October Where are you from, and what is your minimum viable autobiography? I studied computer science in university, and after graduating, I started teaching programming and IT courses. Then, I worked in a bank as a regional IT department manager for 5 years. I got my first full-time programming job at the university as an Android developer in After some time, I started working in the industry and continued this wonderful journey.

When did you realize you wanted to write code for a living? How did you end up in Finland? I started looking into universities with computer science programs смотрите подробнее English in countries I could afford. I realized I could afford either tuition or living expenses if I studied abroad, but not both. I also thought about the quality of life, too, and the quality of the education I would receive. Linus Torvalds created Linux at the University of Helsinki, for example.

Why did you want to leave Iran? Everyone was against this, because my GPA was very high. I was good at math. My high school principal said I should stay where I was and study math, but I was more interested in computers, so I went to the technical school. I did have a childhood узнать больше about studying abroad, so when I got bored with that job, I decided узнать больше здесь was the time to do it.

What brought you to Blacklane? A friend of mine had moved to Berlin and as we talked several times, he told me how cool and vibrant the city is and convinced me to move here. So I started looking for Android developer jobs in Berlin and came across Blacklane on LinkedIn among other companies. I loved it — it was the friendly and nice atmosphere I wanted. As a developer, how do по этому адресу feel about living and working in Berlin?

I love Berlin. There are tons of meetups, gatherings, conferences, hackathons, and startup events held here. I attended DevFest conference just a month after arriving in Apk про. Droidcon, one of the most popular Android development conferences started here several years ago.

Also, I gave a talk in a Kotlin meetup that was hosted by Blacklane two weeks ago and hung out and had javad mobile tools apk conversations with other speakers and developers attending the meetup. What differences have you noticed between working here and working in your home country? People are much more efficient in Больше информации — except for banks. People in banks in Iran work too much. I was on call all the посетить страницу источник. At 10 pm, some ATM might javad mobile tools apk be working, and then I would have to go to the nearest branch and fix the problem.

That was stressful. Also, developers were underpaid in Iran when I was there, but now they are catching up, probably because of the startup scene, javad mobile tools apk is expanding very fast these days! This is just one example. There is also Digikala. Currently, there are about 20—30 startup incubators in Iran and a new one pops up every now and then. Why do you javad mobile tools apk staring at a screen for hours and hours every day, manipulating symbols that tell a machine what to do?

It feels good when you solve a problem уж, dream league 2019 apk что-то focusing and thinking javad mobile tools apk some time. It feels good when you craft things or make visible changes that people find valuable as those changes solve one of their problems. Even more importantly, I like dynamic jobs when you get the chance to learn and do something new every single day.

After two years, however, the job became boring as it got static. Читать статью do you find working on a team versus working alone? Working on a team is much more pleasant for me. Your morality gets better over time, you feel more страница, you learn new concepts, techniques, нажмите для продолжения general life lessons from your teammates, and you professionally grow more quickly.

You get to have lunch together with your nice colleagues. In Blacklane, we have really fun team events organized periodically by each team independently. We go somewhere and do a fun activity together; javad mobile tools apk feel нажмите для продолжения and refreshed after these kinds of events. However, sometimes you javad mobile tools apk to be alone in order to avoid interruptions and продолжение здесь more focused to get something done.

Do you have any favorite languages, technologies, or frameworks? What do apk 2 like about them? Are any that you secretly despise? I think languages and technologies are tools vpn apk can be utilized for getting things done.

Some of them are better suited than apk 888 2018 poker for specific types of tasks. Some older ones have served us well for a long time and were a breakthrough when they were introduced. However, as time goes on, some new technologies are built on those solid javad mobile tools apk while avoiding как apk chrome os downsides. What is most important to you, and what is least important? The most important factor for me is a fun, friendly, and stress-free atmosphere provides room for personal development and growth.

An atmosphere in which you can learn and experiment with new approaches and technologies. An atmosphere that recognizes and honors your work. If the working atmosphere is not healthy, your mind is always struggling with political and irrelevant issues and you cannot focus on coding. What role do developers have in the world, do you apk 4pda Are we just passive code robots, or do we have responsibility for the impact of ссылка на страницу work on society? I think they have a huge impact on the world. Think about what we do today on hwcallrecorder apk emui 10 smartphones.

Think of Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Meetup, etc. The invasion of privacy, for example. We had a list of features in our backlog for collecting some data from our users in order to improve their experience. One of the features was to collect user gestures. During our initial discussion, we thought our users might not want this, and therefore we decided to collect the data we need in another non-intrusive way. Each developer should have the mindset to protect user data. Also, since mobile users generally have limited data plans and battery life is also limited, we should be very careful not waste their data allowance or batteries.

We should think about the consequences of the features we implement and the libraries we use because we care about our users. If you could change one thing about Перейти на источник development, what would it be and why? Javad mobile tools apk, we have a problem with the need to cover devices with a low Android version. You, as a developer, need to make sure that your changes are compatible with the javad mobile tools apk version здесь Android you support.

Therefore, I would speed up the development of an API that smartphone and tablet manufacturers can use to implement the hardware-related parts of Android and add their own customizations while still keeping the user experience smooth and, more importantly, making it possible to offer timely and lifetime OS updates with a minimum amount of effort from hardware manufacturers, in order to keep the device functioning properly. Google is working on a project called Treble that is exactly aiming at this. What is it like working in a different country, and culture, than the one in which you grew up? It can also be surprising at times when you learn about some certain things in принимаю.

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