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Eject Water from iPhone 1. Moreover, you can create an automation to automatically change watch faces at specific times, power shortcuts apk, etc. For https://sophiarugby.com/svyaz/imo-apk.php, I prefer changing my адрес страницы face to a познавательно сбербанк quik apk могли basic face after office hours.

The automation will run automatically at the specified time and change your watch face to your selection. Fortunately, with this shortcut, you can convert links across platforms to share them. Download the shortcut here. Open the streaming framework apk you want to share music from. Tap on the three dot power shortcuts apk. The shortcut will show you streaming services along with whether a link was found or not. Select the one you want. You can now copy the URL, share it, or directly open Spotify with the link. Any time your iPhone is connected to the Bluetooth device, your phone will ask you whether to run the automation.

Open the playlist you want in Spotify. Tap on the three dot icon and then tap on share. Copy the URL for the power shortcuts apk. Paste your copied URL into the action. Tap Next and save the automation. Now, every time this automation runs, it will directly open the Spotify playlist in the Spotify app for you. Pretty neat right? Schedule Messages to be Sent Later If you often find yourself in situations where you need to send messages at a later time without forgetting, this Siri Shortcut for iPhone is really useful.

You can download this shortcut https://sophiarugby.com/svyaz/porno-games-apk4.php. Do note that the shortcut will not automatically send the message at the specified time. Instead, you power shortcuts apk get a notification for the message. You can tap this notification and the shortcut will then send the message itself.

However, по этому сообщению simple hwcallrecorder apk хонор can fix this problem for you. Choose the app you want to run the automation for. Fortunately, with Siri automations in iOS 14, you can automatically launch guided access when you start your games. However, it would be great if you could easily know when your iPhone was done charging as well, right?

You can do just that with an easy automation. Shortcut to Read Weather, Play News and Power shortcuts apk Every morning, you probably check the weather for the day, and catch up on the news. Shortcuts on iPhone can make this easy for you. Simply download this shortcut download. When you run this shortcut, it will power shortcuts apk out the weather, followed by your Calendar events and reminders, тнт apk then the news.

You can use Siri Shortcuts five apk download YouTube videos as well. That can come in really handy. If this is something you think you wanna do, you should перейти out our article on using Siri Shortcuts to switch Apple TV users. Eject Water from iPhone Yeah, you read that right. If your iPhone was submerged in water, or if you ended up washing it because it was just смотрите подробнее dirty not recommended, by the wayyou can eject water from inside the iPhone using Siri Shortcuts as well.

Use Siri Shortcuts and Automations on your iPhone Those were the 12 useful Siri shortcuts and automations for iPhone that you can use right away. As you can see, there is power shortcuts apk lot that you can do with Siri Shortcuts now, especially with the better integration of Shortcuts with more apps. So which Siri shortcuts and automations are you using on your страница If you have any other exciting automations that you want to share, let us know in the comments.

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