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Tunein radio pro apk for Android

I often select a station, decide the subject being discussed is not interesting to me, and return to Favorites in order to continue scanning down the list. However, TuneIn returns me to the top of the Favorites list instead of permitting me to resume scanning where I left off. Otherwise, I love TuneInPro. I have been a user of TuneIn since probably As a radio aficionado, I love finding radio stations with live or repeat talk show programming all over the U.

Since I am a late night person, the ability to find tunein radio pro apk any almost any hour stations offering repeat programming is of great importance to me. The ability to record anything I am listening to live for playback later is also a huge plus for me, especially classical blitzer de plus apk concerts. Not a big deal but it requires extra navigation steps which matter with the final issue I mention. My phone was on my desk in a charger untouched and connection was not dropped. I pick it up to do something and find it has stopped playing and recording recording with sound tunein radio pro apk so I can listen later so I was not aware.

This no longer works. If читать полностью are listening to recorded content with your phone locked and you pause it and then resume it, the recording gets dropped and it picks up the channel думаю, morelocale 2 apk это. It happens if you pause using headphones, the screen, watch or some other device.

This stinks because it requires you to pickup your phone, unlock it, go to the recording and restart it. Of all my apps. I own. Now that says a lot about the Devs. This is the best music app I have, and I own several. Rather than immediately posting negs? I can appreciate it and many have it coming, but not this Dev. I приведу ссылку all of you have or had apps. They post it, sell it, and abandon it. Take Care I hated to see this app go the route of the subscription. Data Used to Track You The following data may be террарию 1 4 apk to track you across apps and websites tunein radio pro apk by other companies: Tunein radio pro apk.

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