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Google services apk for Android

Include any of the above dependencies into your app build. Note: ProGuard directives are included in the Play services client libraries to preserve the required classes. During project creation, Android Studio automatically creates the ProGuard configuration files and build. For more information, see the ProGuard guide. However, updates might not reach all google services apk immediately, so your app should verify the version available before attempting to perform API transactions. Note: Because it is hard to anticipate the state of each device, you must always check for a compatible Google Play services APK before you access Google Play services features.

For example, if Google Play services is мегафон тв apk for your app at all times, you might want to do it when your app first launches. On the other hand, if Google Play services is an optional part of your app, you can check the version only once the user navigates google services apk that portion of your app. Another approach to use the isGooglePlayServicesAvailable method. You get a reference to the singleton object that provides google services apk method using GoogleApiAvailability.

You might call this method in the onResume method of the main activity. In this case, call the getErrorDialog method ссылка на продолжение pass it the result error code. The method returns a Dialog you should show, which provides an appropriate message about the error and provides an action that takes продолжить user to Google Play Store to install the update.

Melbet apk details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Last updated UTC.

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