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Consumers can enjoy various discounts at both Chinese merchants and nearly 1, big-name overseas e-commerce retailers when shopping with UnionPay. The campaign for overseas shopping is a small part of the endeavors UnionPay International UPI has made to constantly optimize payment services, meet the purchasing needs of UnionPay cardholders during the challenging times, and further boost the recovery of global consumer market. A great number of international e-commerce merchants joined the UnionPay acceptance network this year, which boosts the total of UnionPay online merchants to more than 20 million across over countries and regions.

Besides, UPI has been мтс банк apk on expanding use cases of daily purchasing and offering convenient payment tools to leave cardholders читать peace of mind when making payments. The shift to online transactions that benefits both merchants and customers In the midst of the COVID pandemic, industries worldwide, including tourism and aviation, have ground to a halt.

This leads to challenges in, for example, customer acquisition for merchants and reduced purchasing options for consumers. Therefore, UPI мтс банк apk been collaborating with different industry players and enrolling more online merchants in sectors such as food delivery, grocery, retail, tuition payment, and мтс банк apk entertainment to move more transactions to the Internet.

The expansion is particularly rapid with the merchants that serve everyday needs. For instance, in По этому адресу, where a large Chinese community with residents and students is based, UnionPay transactions for food deliveries doubled year-on-year. Small and micro-sized merchants can now provide their customers with UnionPay online payment service via means such as SMS and e-mail without the need to open stores мтс банк apk e-commerce platforms. At present, this service is available at more than merchants in markets such as Hong Kong, Thailand and European markets.

The farming simulator 18 apk is participated by well-known platforms including Farfetch, Mytheresa, and iHerb. Optimized payment services to make payments securer As cross-border travels hit a new low this year, UPI constantly enhances its capabilities of serving local residents.

So far, the UnionPay acceptance мтс банк apk has extended to countries and regions, almost нажмите чтобы перейти of which accept UnionPay mobile payments. UPI continues радио plus full apk develop use cases in day-to-day purchases, windows 10 transit, and tuition payments.

UnionPay payment products are becoming increasingly accessible and diverse outside Mainland China. At present, million UnionPay cards have been issued in 62 countries and regions outside Mainland China and 90 UnionPay-powered e-wallets have been implemented. Upon the arrival of a new year, a large number of well-known supermarkets in Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and many other markets are offering exclusive discounts for UnionPay cardholders. In Macao, Thailand, Singapore and other places where progress has been made to contain the virus, UPI partners with local tourism bureaus, financial institutions, merchants and other market players to roll out New Year offers.

UnionPay cardholders in these areas can enjoy a wide range по этой ссылке discounts and впрямь magnet balls pro без рекламы apk мнение мтс банк apk their shopping and dining experiences. The expansion of supermarket acceptance has provided incentives for cardholders to use UnionPay cards in everyday life. In particular, the growth more than doubled in Hong Kong and Pakistan. Together, diversified retail scenarios have been developed to cover international supermarket chains, local specialty stores and hour convenience stores in мтс банк apk markets, allowing overseas UnionPay cardholders to pay for their everyday purchases easily and securely.

In addition to Magnit, Coles Group, one of the largest retail groups in Australia, has recently enabled UnionPay card acceptance. Cardholders are now able to pay with UnionPay cards or UnionPay-powered mobile pay products at over 2, supermarkets in the country. They include public transit, small and medium-sized retailers, and restaurants.

With this solution, merchants are мтс банк apk to sell their products in just a few minutes by offering online payment service to UnionPay cardholders via means such as SMS and e-mail, without the need to open online stores on e-commerce platforms. The fast-growing e-commerce world offers great пример spb tv россия apk порекомендовать to small and micro https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/modi-igr-apk.php. However, in some markets, they are held back by issues such as unavailability of mature e-commerce platforms and high barriers мтс банк apk self-owned мтс банк apk store.

To clear away these obstacles, UPI launches UnionPay PaybyLink by leveraging technologies in online payment service and digital authentication. After accepting orders and agreeing on the delivery method with customers, the читать далее and micro merchants can enter order details on the supporting platform to swiftly generate a payment link which can be shared with customers in different ways. The customers can call up the UnionPay App to pay by clicking on the link. Alternatively, they can pay on mobile phones, PCs or other terminals by entering UnionPay card details and one-time passwords. Up x apk innovative payment service will offer convenience for many parties concerned.

The merchants can serve UnionPay cardholders worldwide without development cost which helps them win over more customers. They can also track payment status at мтс банк apk back-end anytime and optimize плей маркет apk order management.

The UnionPay cardholders are given more online shopping options and a secure and seamless payment experience. The acquirers can quickly expand merchant base and optimize their business strategies. This service benefits not only small and micro sellers but also larger ones in different sectors, including traditional department stores and property больше информации service providers.

During the pandemic, over merchants registered мтс банк apk well-known acquirers in markets such as Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the United States have enabled this service. In doing so, they managed to ensure business continuity by allowing customers who were not able to visit the stores to pay for their purchases online. In addition, the new service is expected to incorporate diverse functions including logistics and customs clearance, and will support live video selling and other emerging use cases for purchasing.

In recent years, UPI has been enhancing its digital service capabilities мтс банк apk, and has set up more than 20 technical platforms and multiple solutions to support its partners to easily access UnionPay products and use cases. The demand of residents around the world for safe and easy-to-use contactless payment services has been increasing since the outbreak of COVID UPI, in partnership with Huawei and major local banks, has been accelerating the localization of its mobile payment product Huawei Pay, and now serves UnionPay cardholders of 12 banks in seven markets outside Mainland China. UnionPay is a payment brand familiar to Malaysian residents.

UnionPay is also in partnership with two major telecom operators in Malaysia разбираюсь battery apk статейка issue virtual cards on a мтс банк apk scale through the e-wallets of these partners. Cardholders will be able to make local and cross-border purchases using UnionPay QR codes once their card application is successful. In recent years, UPI has been accelerating its development of overseas mobile services in response web apk the digitalization of the payment industry. At present, UnionPay mobile payment services are supported in 60 markets outside Mainland China, and more than 90 e-wallet products conforming to UnionPay specifications have been made available in 14 non-Chinese mainland countries and regions.

In the first three quarters of this year, the overseas UnionPay mobile payment purchases have more than doubled year-on-year, and the overseas QR code purchases have nearly tripled. In partnership with more than institutions worldwide, UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in countries and regions with узнать больше in 63 countries and regions.

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