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Select Language What is SongKong? SongKong is designed to resolve all these issues so that you can play the music you love whenever you want. SongKong is simple and powerful and can fix your music collection in a few clicks whilst offering all the tools and options you want to customize your experience Automatic Song Matching SongKong is designed to be the easiest and fastest way to organize your music — identify songs, fix misspellings and add missing album art.

SongKong uses как сообщается здесь acoustic matching from Acoustid to listen to your songs and find matches even when they have no information at all, but also takes advantage of existing file information to ensure you get the best album match. SongKong uses our own dedicated JThink Music Server regularly updated from the MusicBrainz and Discogs databases giving you more accurate matches, faster. Delete Duplicate Читать полностью Removing duplicate tracks makes it easier to organize and enjoy your music and frees up space.

SongKong finds duplicates based on the actual audio. You can choose how SongKong finds duplicates for example, by ignoring albums. SongKong lets you decide what do with duplicates songs once they are found, you can choose to prioritise particular formats or select the earliest version ссылка на страницу. SongKong allows you delete duplicates immediately, or move autotagger pro apk review - giving you complete control.

Click here to find out more about deleting duplicates. Remote Mode You can also control SongKong from a remote device using a regular web-browser, and this could be another computer, iPad or even your mobile phone. This means having installed SongKong on your computer you can then use it from another location in your home, for example your computer may be in your home office but you can control from your phone in your lounge.

You can run main tasks such as Fix Songs, configure ссылка options and also run administrative tasks such as license installation. Because you can install SongKong on the same machine as your music resides on even if it has no GUI the actual file reading and modifying does not have to be done over the network meaning much faster and more reliable matching, especially with autotagger pro apk lossless files. SongKong finds high quality album cover artwork to add colour and interest to your digital music collection so you no longer have to look at grey notes in your music player where the missing album cover art should be.

SongKong uses the Cover Art Archive joycasino apk find high resolution album autotagger pro apk art in just a few seconds. Typically the cover artwork images are x autotagger pro apk, more than enough detail for your iPod autotagger pro apk Sonos system. SongKong gives you the freedom to automatically resize images to whatever size you like. Understands Classical SongKong understands Autotagger pro apk music.

In Classical it is more complicated, Classical composers work in terms of Symphonies or Sonatas rather than albums, we call these Works. These works comprise sub works or movements, and there be additional levels. When Classical music is released as an album it may only contain part of a work, or conversely multiple works, autotagger pro apk the album grouping may not be the most important grouping.

SongKong identifies Classical releases and captures this additional information in dedicated metadata fields. It autotagger pro apk also identify other Classical information such as the Opus No and the performers with their instruments. SongKong can automatically update the new iTunes Work and Movement fields. Click here to find out more about Classical Music Autotagger pro apk editing. Edit Song Metadata - Available Free! The concept behind SongKong is that your songs can be identified automatically, and this can give you a complete and consistent music library. Manual Editing is available in remote mode as well as desktop mode so you can edit your metadata remotely via a по ссылке. This is very useful if you have SongKong running on a less accessible machine such as a linux server.

After each manual edit session SongKong creates a report so you have a record of exactly what has been changed and SongKong saves all changes to a database so that you can use Undo Autotagger pro apk in exactly the same way as you can do for automatic edits. The Status Report task is a very useful tool for taking a snapshot of your music collection. It has two main features, it creates a metadata completeness report and a spreadsheet of your songs existing metadata The Song Metadata Completeness Summary section of the report creates a bar chart showing the percentage of songs with each type of читать далее, this is very useful for finding holes in your metadata.

Complete and consistent metadata is necessary for the best enjoyment of your music and optimum browsing experience and SongKong can help you with this by automatically identifying songs and albums and adding in-depth metadata. A spreadsheet is also created containing all of your songs existing metadata, autotagger pro apk is created using the standard xlsx format supported by all major spreadsheet applications.

This includes adding new songs to iTunes and removing deleted songs from iTunes. This synchronisation of SongKong and iTunes means that you can enjoy the autotagger pro apk of an organized music collection whether you are listening to your music on your computer at home or on the go with your smartphone, Mp3 player or from the cloud. No Limits SongKong sets no limits. It is powerful and flexible — whether you need to fix a couple of folders or asong library in one hit then SongKong is the solution. If you want to fix specific songs in iTunes just drag and drop onto SongKong - simple.

But although simple to use SongKong has a host of preferences that you can adjust, take a look at the online help for details. Beats per Minute - Pro Only Knowing the BPM Beats per Minute of your songs is great for many purposes, its required for proper beatmixing when DJ-ing, matching your BPM to your running pace can help when runningand it allows you to create better playlists больше информации using the BPM as an indicator of the mood, but calculating the BPM is not something you can easily do yourself.

Mood and other Acoustic Attributes - Pro Only SongKong can use acoustic analysis of думаю, microsoft office apk выше song to determine the mood of the song, great for creating playlists to suit your mood or an event such as a dinner party or romantic evening. It can also also основываясь на этих данных determine lots вариант world of wonders apk это other attributes, all of them help you to create better videobox pro apk. For example it can detect if a track is pdalife ru apk likely an instrumental, song or spoken word track.

Does the autotagger pro apk use acoustic or electronic instruments. It can detect the main key scale of the song, and if the song tuneful or more discordant. Autotagger pro apk Line Tool SongKong has a command line interface allowing song fixing, folder читать статью and duplicate deletion. This means that SongKong can be used in environments where no Gui is available, and it can be included as part of an automated scripted solution, great for linux servers.

Some of these such as Aiff are not на этой странице by many other tag editors, you can find out more about different format support here Making Your Mind Up All changes are stored in a database so changes are not lost when you SongKong or restart your autotagger pro apk. If you later decide that you do not like changes made by SongKong then simply use Undo Changes to change the files back to how they were before the fix. This undo facility works even if the files have been moved or renamed autotagger pro apk can be applied to subfolders and individual files as well.

SongKong lets you rename your song files using any of your metadata fields so if you want to name them according to song title, artist, or album name SongKong gives you the flexibility to do it — organizing your music collection to suit autotagger pro apk. SongKong uses powerful expression syntax, and comes with приведу ссылку number of preconfigured rename masks making it easy.

This feature is important because it not only helps to personalize your music library but it ensures compatibility with music player systems. Knowledge is Power SongKong allows you to see exactly what changes have been made to your music. It creates a detailed report showing exactly which songs it matches and what changes it makes. The report shows you where your fixed data comes from, such as which songs autotagger pro apk matches to the MusicBrainz and Discogs databases; which tags and artwork it adds or changes for each matched song, and how your songs are reorganized and renamed.

This feature gives you the benefit of automated fixes and the power to review the results — giving you complete control. Keep a Lookout SongKong can set up a Watch Folder for you, so that as new music is added to it, SongKong detects it and fixes it automatically. This continuous monitoring is like a housekeeping service for your music collection so you hardly have to think about organizing your music any more. Extensive Support SongKong supports most music formats.

SongKong support comes direct from the developer. As the developer I am determined to make SongKong the best tagger available for all platforms, and therefore I actively encourage comments, bug reports and questions. SongKong uses the professional JIRA issue tracking for tracking issues that cannot be resolved within a day. I value your feedback and queries and aim to be as responsive as possible I have also previously worked as a developer for MusicBrainzresponsible for writing their search code.

This includes what people use to search for albums on MusicBrainz and their web service. This means SongKong autotagger pro apk can enjoy a fast, accurate fix for their music collection every-time. You can see further details of our Support Policy here Click here for free download or if you are looking for a comprehensive tag autotagger pro apk that has also advanced manual editing take a look at Jaikoz Click here for SongKong for Autotagger pro apk version for Hi-end audio.

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