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The trucking game follows the same mechanics as the first Euro Truck Simulator game wherein your job is to drive an articulated or arctic trucking across Europe. You will need to pick up cargos of different sizes and amounts along the way, and bring them to the correct receiver. Each successful delivery will be compensated with a fee. This will allow you to earn enough money to start your own logistics service, including a depot and a fleet of trucks.

Start from the bottom, get to the top The game begins with you in your home garage, looking to start your own trucking business. Without any capital, you will need to find businesses that are looking for truckers to hire. Consistency is important when being a trucker as the boss will offer more high paying trips as you progress. In addition to euro truck simulator apk cash, you also earn more skill points per trip. Увидеть больше will help you increase your fuel efficiency which means you can go on long-distance trips.

This does not mean you will высший beeline uzbekistan beta apk мысль be removed from your job. Advertisement It means you have more freedom to move around and take on more trips. As you progress, you can leave your old job and start your own company. Owning one euro truck simulator apk is enough узнать больше begin, but it is important to purchase more over time.

This coincides with hiring more drivers and upgrading your garage. The cargo will always appear in a shipping yard, so you will need to go there first. Travel across Europe There is a variety of controls and settings in the game, which you can configure for your comfort. You увидеть больше choose the level of complexity for your controls. You can choose to rock your trusty keyboard or go more involved by setting up a wheel. To help you get started, there is a tutorial euro truck simulator apk that you can use.

As with any driving game, Euro Truck Simulator is rooted in routine. This makes it easier for you to get the hang of the game. Every mistake you make in this game translates into a financial penalty. Damaged cargo reduces the payday, and dings suffered by your truck will need servicing from service stations—which need to be paid. The cars do nothing to avoid their part in the collision. If you manage основываясь на этих данных hit them, the drivers have a euro truck simulator apk habit of refusing to move thereafter, causing you to get into a second collision.

Нажмите чтобы узнать больше gaming experience Euro Truck Simulator is a good follow up to the first installment. With its various options for trucks, drivers, and other trucking utilities, you can интересно farming simulator 16 apk статью your own ссылка на страницу company the way you want. Its entertainment features also mimic читать статью of real-life truck drivers; continuous music streaming and real-time discussions.

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