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Google assistant apk for Android

There is no Google Assistant app for Windows, but this article describes a workaround to access Google Assistant on a Windows 10 computer, as well перейти the method to enable the Assistant on. Check the box next to Add Python 3. This step essential for getting Google Assistant up and running. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the main drive directory google assistant apk C:then select the New Folder icon and create a new folder named GoogleAssistant.

This will be important in future steps. Sign in with your Google account if prompted. Select Create. Typically, the Https:// consists нажмите чтобы прочитать больше two words and a string of numbers separated by dashes.

Select Create Credentials. For Where will you be calling the Больше информации from? For What data will you be accessing? Select What credentials do I need? Select Set up consent screen. Change the Application Type to Internal, type WinGoogleAssistant in the Application name field, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save.

Select Create credentials, then select Help me choose. On google assistant apk next screen, select the same options as you did in step 7 above. Select Done after the option to download the credentials displays. Select the down arrow to the right of the credentials you just created. Open the Windows Command Prompt and enter the following: py -m pip install google-assistant-sdk[samples] Wait for the installation to complete, then enter: py -m pip install --upgrade google-auth-oauthlib[tool] Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the JSON file you saved earlier i.

Right-click the file and select Properties. Премиальные темы carwebguru apk the same Google master apk you used earlier to create credentials. Choose Allow to give the application access to Google Assistant.

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