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Auto launcher apk for Android

Download Microsoft Launcher 8. ADW Ссылка на продолжение 2 The launcher app is stable, fast, easy to use and offers hundreds of customizable options. The UI almost feels like a stock Android. It supports a unique feature to change the interface color according to your wallpaper dynamically.

Moreover, there are icon badges, app indexing on app drawers, launcher shortcuts, transition animations and tons of other useful features. You can make and modify your widgets with your own colors. What more can you ask for? If auto launcher apk are looking to change the приведенная ссылка Android launcher, this should be auto launcher apk first one you should try out.

The launcher app features Windows like tiles on the home auto launcher apk. You can change their size, color, transparency level, and a lot more. If you own a tablet, it is undoubtedly one of the best free launchers for Android. It is also pretty useful for people with weak eyesight. You can resize the icons, or even choose an icon pack from the Play Store. It also has an option to add a quick contact page. Apart from that, you can see the notification count on the tiles. Also, you can sort the app drawer with the most used apps coming in at the top.

Overall, Square Home is one of the unique launcher apps that you should try out. Price — Free Good for people with weak eyesight Stunning Metro theme Being a third party-launcher, it provides a great number of customization features such as variable grid, icon size, notification dots, etc. Other than that, there is dark theme support, integration of Sesame universal searchand Pixel-like app actions now. The Lawnchair Launcher 2. Price — Free.

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