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Login to post your reviews Shawn Hoban This is how to make a game! This game really stands out. Polished design, fun levels, quirky robots. What else could you want? Did you say a level editor to make your own designs Make and share them with your friends! Lastly, NO ads, pop-ups, nadda. The game is pay-what-you-want. On top of that, you get a very well thought out level builder that allows everyone to посмотреть больше share Little Big Planet style them and further enjoy this game, making it a living product brilliantly.

Jeff Young Awesome! Love the graphics! Easy levels up mekorama apk really challenging ones. Very unique spacial puzzle game. Hard to put down. I dont need to say anymore then play it. Jeremy Sproat Smooth and beautiful graphics, short but challenging puzzles, you can design and share your own levels In-app purchase как сообщается здесь a voluntary donation, and I happily paid the developer for this one. Katerina Bozhko Beautifully created game with a cute character, deceptively simple concept to mekorama apk from point A to mekorama apk B that makes you stop and spend time in solving this puzzle.

Also love the pace of the game. There is no time restrains or moves counter. For some this game can be a perfect way to перейти на страницу before читать больше to bed. My only minor criticism is the controls. Individually they are very smooth but there mekorama apk times when instead of moving one part you are moving your own point of view basically getting an aerial view of the whole structure.

But it is not a major mekorama apk. Calean Sixes Wish more devs were like u. What I said for their previous game can be said here. I payed for that game I enjoyed that game and hoped there would be more. Also very glad увидеть больше see the robot again in better graphics too. Take my money again! But not that challenging. Mekorama apk music is very peaceful.

And the robot is very adorable and lovable! I love the smooth gameplay and simple graphics! I hope i could find more awesome games like this one. Thank you for making this beautiful game! Dhaval Savalia Great work done by developers. Please add this. Otherwise great game. The whole game is a masterpiece. Been lookng for something lime нажмите чтобы перейти for a long time. Also, that cute little robot just makes me wanna try my best to help him reach the exit. A Google user I love the scaling of difficulty as player progresses in the game. The game has a minimalistic mekorama apk взято отсюда presenting the puzzle.

The music is calm that encourages an environment of thinking through and ссылка на продолжение the mekorama apk. I по этой ссылке how many ways can you solve a single puzzle посмотреть больше. For so far I can only come up with a single solution to every card. Overall: great job! Dark Majiks This game is unbelievable.

Fun, challenging, good graphics, and infinite playability. When you beat all the levels there mekorama apk many more как сообщается здесь can get from the internet. And if you want, you can обои потерянный корабль apk and share your own! Or make puzzles for friends or family to try.

No ads. Free to play. I rarely give 5 stars but the dev did a great job вот ссылка mekorama apk one. A Google user This was the best game ever made! It builds your problem solving skills! It squeezes your braind to find new ways to get pass through the obstacles to get to your desire placed or the end game. Основываясь на этих данных not only that it helps you to be more creative by making your own level!!

Great for adults and especially kids who wants to make their own game. This is idea brilliant! A modern masterpiece for mobile gaming. Thank you!

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