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Share Hi, here you can download APK file "ru. We provide only original apk files Screenshosts of ru. Traffic in the application is not consumed or paid. The fee is debited according to the tariff only if you install and update My MTS or follow external links. We are always glad to receive your feedback and look forward to it at app mts. If a free minute appears, click on the new plate at the bottom of the screen and complete the survey.

There мой мтс apk only a couple of questions in it. We will study the answers and listen to your opinion. If there is no time, ignore the plate. It will not interfere with the application. New in ru. See what else has changed in it. A special offer has been placed at the top of the screen. Below is a table with expenses. It is easy to check write-offs using it. If you click More, you can see the details. Then there are sections in which you can мой мтс apk the account, set up auto payment and order documents. They did not change anything in them.

Let everything remain as you like. They will help you transfer money and replenish your card balance faster. You will not waste time on entering details and other formalities. There мой мтс apk news for digital TV users too. Now you can check the connected channels in the app. See what you have connected. Now in My Вот ссылка you can insure an apartment, a pet and much more. You can also see your policies in the application. If you want to get a new one, look in photo apk Payment section and click More мой мтс apk the insurance widget.

Go down to the end of the home screen and add it in Settings. You will immediately see how much cashback has одноклассники apk accrued мой мтс apk how much will be received in the future. The balance and мой мтс apk about the mobile tariff is now also on the Main page. You no longer need to switch from login to number. Now we will remind you of them in Push notifications. Promise you will try : New in ru. They began to load faster мой мтс apk go in and immediately find something for yourself.

Now you can set a PIN there - our answering machine will help. You can dead space change продолжение здесь code - if you want to. The score is in our favor - they are no longer a hindrance to you. For the first time in the applications from MTS, functionality appeared for fixed-line and satellite TV subscribers.

By logging нажмите для продолжения to a резистор калькулятор apk account number, you can see your balance, change the tariff plan, and also carry out self-diagnostics of the equipment. In the future, the functionality will be developed.

When you first order financial documents for b2b subscribers, an e-mail from the contract is automatically entered. If necessary, it can be edited, and in the future the updated address will be посмотреть больше. If you do not have a chat icon on the main screen, it means that it is not yet available in your region and мой мтс apk be launched within a month.

Also refined search in the sidebar. Now it starts with the first character entered, not the third. Fixed: - Significantly reduced the time to change the tariff through the application. While it is available only for Perm and Rostov, but soon all users will be able to solve their questions quickly, without spending time waiting on the жмите. New section "Controlling costs" in the menu item "Account and payment" - The possibility to change the names of numbers in the Multi-Account - Fixed problems with displaying the rest of minutes and sms New in ru.

Order documents in the section "Accounts and Payment" Fixed a bug with the issuance of tariffs when using the search. Now, issuing shows only the tariffs available for the transition New in ru. In the update: - привожу ссылку section Discount of the day is added - updated design and functionality of the Internet section - the design of the section "Account and payment" is updated - the design of the MTS Bonus section has been updated New in ru.

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