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Note Some of the screenshots in this tutorial base apk the dark theme. Open Visual Studio In the middle pane, choose Windows Forms App. NET Framework. Then name the file HelloWorld. The Visual Studio Installer launches. Choose the. NET desktop development workload, then choose Modify. On the start window, choose Create a new project. On the Create a new project, choose the Windows Forms App.

If you prefer, you can refine your search to quickly get to the template you want. For example, enter or type Windows Forms App in the search box. Note If you do not see the Windows Forms App. NET Framework template, you can install it viber apk the Create a new project window. Next, in the Visual Studio Installer, choose the Choose the. NET desktop development workload. After that, choose the Modify button in the Visual Studio Installer. Ошиблись, microg apk извиняюсь might посетить страницу источник prompted to save your work; if so, do so.

Аудиокниги apk, choose Continue to base apk the workload. Then, return to step 2 in this " Create a project " procedure. In the Configure your new project window, type or по этому сообщению HelloWorld base apk the Project name box. Then, choose Create. Visual Studio opens your new project. Create the application After you select your Visual Basic project template источник статьи name your file, Visual Studio opens a form for you.

A form is a Base apk user interface. Add a button to the form Click Toolbox to open the Toolbox fly-out window. Click the Pin icon to dock the Toolbox window. Click the Button control and then drag it onto the form. In the Appearance section or the Fonts section of the Properties window, type Click this, and then press Enter. Or, press F4. Select the Label control from base apk Toolbox window, and then drag it onto the form and drop it beneath the Click this button. Add code to the form In the Form1. Alternatively, you can base apk Form1.

In the Form1. Several things will happen. But outside of the IDE, a Form1 dialog box appears. Base apk will include your Click this button and text that says Label1. Click the Click this button in the Form1 dialog box. Notice that the Label1 text changes to Hello World!. Close the Form1 dialog box to stop running the app. Next steps.

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